March 1, 2017

The lead photo is of Bernice, Skyla, and me on one of the eleven imaginative and unique benches that Eric Bull has made for us, and that have been put in place around the quarries. These benches were made of woods representing species growing around the quarries. (This particular photo will appear with an article on the Quarry Gardens in the next issue of Virginia Living magazine. Keep an eye out for it.)

Some of the other benches include two made of cedar by the passenger drop-off at the entrance;

A fantastic Y-shaped Beech bench overlooking the south quarry and the nearby wetland;

A long Sycamore bench at the high overlook of the north quarry; 

and the “over-rock” White Pine bench, also at the north quarry.


(There are five more, but you’ll have to visit to see them.)

 One of the Cedar benches by the entrance was our first to be dedicated. A gift of the Piedmont Master Gardeners, it will bear a plate honoring Bernice for her two years as President of the group. (Hint: the others are available, too.) 

Speaking of gifts, our friends Charles and Mary Roy Edwards—Charles was the architect for the viewing platform and bridges—have given us an artifact of the quarrying age in the form of a large belt-pulley wheel. We are in the process of turning it into a glass-topped coffee table to serve as a functional exhibit in the Visitors’ Center. (Another hint: if you have an interesting artifact from the old quarry days you might like to add to our collection, please be in touch.)