We can't do it without you. The Quarry Gardens are to visit, enjoy, and learn from. Bring your family and friends. Tell your acquaintances. Give, join, volunteer.


Membership in the Quarry Gardens is available to those who have visited, had a guided tour, and are therefore acquainted with the site.

Friends of the Quarry Gardens, who pay an annual membership fee of $100 or volunteer at least ten hours ($150 or 15 hours for family membership), and agree to rules for personal safety and protection of the plants and animals, may have independent access to the 40-acre site.

Explorer members, who pay an annual membership fee of $200 or volunteer 40 hours, may have independent access to the adjoining 400-acres preserve, which is in a Virginia Outdoors conservation easement for protection of plants and wildlife.


Volunteers support the Quarry Gardens in several ways—by helping us manage alien invasive plants, maintain the gardens and trails, and guide tours.

Each week, Rachel Floyd of the Center for Urban Habitats spends a morning in the gardens, working alongside and teaching volunteers; to join her, contact Bernice Thieblot through this site.

Some volunteers have adopted locations in the gardens to monitor and maintain independently. Volunteers may also train to lead tours of the gardens.

We are grateful to our non-profit organizational partners—Central Blue Ridge Master Naturalists, Rivanna Master Naturalists, and Albemarle and Nelson County Master Gardener units—who sponsor Quarry Gardens volunteers.


Donations from visitors and fees for memberships help us to maintain the gardens and keep them open. There are opportunities to fund research on native plants, as well as to name features of the gardens to honor loved ones. The Quarry Gardens are funded and operated by the Quarry Gardens Foundation, a non-profit 501 (c) (3), making your gifts tax deductible.

To make a gift, or to learn more about memberships, naming opportunities, or our research plans, please contact us. If you do not receive a reply within one day, please use the email: bernice.thieblot@gmail.com