The Quarry Gardens project will probably never be “finished,” but the Visitors Center got close enough by our “Opening in April 2017” deadline to allow the brag that we’re “On Time and—even if not entirely—Under Budget.” The Visitor Center is finished, with paint and doorknobs in place, and the gardens are planted but for a few species yet to be sourced. Here’s a view of the substantially completed building:

To come: Wall maps of the garden galleries, native plant exhibits, the completed model of the Nelson and Albemarle railroad, a geology exhibit, and a lawn grass research project.

On Sunday, April 23, the forecast rain held off for our open house to honor the Quarry Garden’s builders. About 50 architects, engineers, craftsmen, landscapers, and workmen came with their family and friends to see the completed Visitor Center, view the introductory audiovisual presentation, have a snack, and take a walk with Armand around the main trail. (Two of the family members grace the featured photo.) Below, Armand with tour group at the Viewing Platform.


In bloom for the occasion: dwarf crested irises, rue anemone, plantain-leaved pussytoes, among others. Devin Floyd found a new butterfly to add to the QG’s biota, a zebulon skipper.

(Not to be outdone, Armand added a new species of his own, his first, discovered two days earlier—what Devin characterized as a “robustly large,” if still not very scary, worm snake.)


The final photo for this round is of QG mascot, Skyla, contemplating  the opening’s buffet.


To book your own free tour, see the Visit section of the website, choose a date from the Events list, and RSVP telling us how many are coming.