Quarry  Gardens Rocks!

Quarry Gardens Rocks!

A new book has joined Mountain Press Publishing’s series of state-by-state guides to the best geologic sites to visit—and we’re in it!

Virginia Rocks! A Guide to Geologic Sites in the Old Dominion, by Albert B. Dickas, introduces readers to 50 of the state’s most compelling and accessible geologic sites and to the great variety of rocks, minerals, and landforms created over the course of its more than one billion years of geologic history.

From the Eastern Shore to Cumberland Gap, Virginia stretches across five distinct regions, each home to unique and amazing geology. The book is organized by region. In the Piedmont section, The Quarry Gardens (#10) entry describes the soapstone associated with the 900-550-million-year-old metamorphic rocks of the Lynchburg Formation.  In the Blue Ridge Section are two nearby sites: Crabtree Falls (#21) and Humpback Rocks (#22).

Virginia Rocks! may be purchased directly from the publisher mountain-press.com, via Amazon and other sellers—or, from April on, found at the Quarry Gardens Visitor Center.