There is something about a salamander—bright eyes, tiny feet, secretive life, charming demeaner?—that makes finding one feel like discovering a treasure.

Chris Asquith will lead a small, fortunate group to see what salamanders might be found in The Quarry Gardens’ several wet spots on the afternoon of Sunday, April 16. Possibilities include Dusky salamander (pictured), Seal salamander, Two-lined salamander, Three-lined salamander, Eastern newt, Red-backed salamander, and Red salamander.

To join the party, go to and sign up.

Chris is an environmental educator who currently teaches biology at Western Albemarle High School and online for Ilisagvic College in Alaska. He grew up in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains (Salamander Capital of the World) and has researched amphibians in such far separated places as Panama and the edge of the Arctic Circle.

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