The Quarries

Since the 1890’s, Schuyler, Virginia, has been the soapstone capital of the world, mining and shaping talc-rich steatite into products both useful and beautiful. Schuyler remains the only active soapstone-quarrying area in the U.S. The quarries under these gardens were worked-out in the mid-1970’s, then used as dump-sites, and finally abandoned to grow wild. Read More about “”

The Gardens

Over the past forty years, the magnesium-rich soil around the quarries has supported the growth of unusual ecosystems and plant communities. Walking trails will give access to these places with a minimum of disturbance. Added plantings will complement existing species and advance the process of forest succession while offering knowledge and enjoyment to visitors. Read More about “”

Our Mission

  • • Preserve and exhibit relics of the soapstone quarrying industry


  • • Assist the natural process of plant and habitat restoration


  • • Showcase native plant communities for public education and enjoyment


  • • Maintain records of plants and animals as a resource for study

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