Visits to the Quarry Gardens are by appointment only. We will be happy to welcome you for a tour on open days, normally weekends between April and November.

If you would like to visit or attend an event—after you've read the information under "Be Advised," below—click on the "Sign Up" button above to go to the calendar. Then, click on an event, let us know how many are coming, and confirm RSVP. We'll look forward to seeing you!

Be Advised

As a natural site, the Quarry Gardens have no paved surfaces. Trails are covered in wood chips. There are places where cliffs drop directly into the quarry pools; there are no fences. Although our liability is limited by Virginia law, we want you to be safe, so each initial visit is guided. The site may not be suitable for children under six.

  • The main trail is just under a mile in length. There is a 60-foot difference in elevation, made somewhat easier to navigate by 163 rock stairs. (This is not a place for flimsy shoes, strollers, pets, or loose children.)
  • Visitors who are unable to walk the trail may be driven in our vehicle around the site to see highlights of the gardens. We ask that you contact us at least a week ahead if anyone in your party needs to be driven.
  • Allow at least two hours for your tour; the first half hour will include an orientation in the Visitor Center.
  • Mornings are usually cool; afternoons show the best light on the quarry walls.
  • We ask that you respect the gardens by leaving only footprints and taking only images.


The fee for a regularly scheduled guided tour is $10 per person or $5 per child age 10 or under.
If you are unable to find a tour at a time that suits your schedule, you may arrange a private tour with the owners.

If we must cancel a tour for weather—normally we go unless heavy rain is forecast—your fee will be refunded in full.  If you are unable to attend a reserved tour and notify us at least 48 hours ahead, we will refund your ticket price via PayPal.

Group Visits

Non-profit organizations or touring groups are invited to schedule visits on days—normally Mondays through Thursdays—when the Quarry Gardens are closed to individual visitors. Contact us to set a date.  A donation equivalent to $10 per person is asked. Organizations may be charged a fee for use of our Visitor Center’s educational facilities.

Private Tours

If you are unable to find a tour at a time that suits your schedule, you may arrange a private tour with the owners—if we’re available—for a donation of $25 per person, a minimum of $50, by emailing us via the Contact button.


Those who have visited and would like greater access to the site may become Friends of the Quarry Gardens by either paying an annual membership fee or volunteering a set number of hours annually, and agreeing to rules for personal safety and protection of the plants and animals. Contact us for details.


There are spaces for 21 cars in the parking lot, with two handicapped spaces adjacent to the Visitor Center. There is also a bus parking space, and room for about 20 cars along the entry road.


The Visitor Center has a classroom that may be configured to seat 40, or 24 at seminar tables, with a lectern and audiovisual system. There is a small lounge area, handicapped-accessible restroom; and a water fountain.


You may bring food. A picnic pavilion accommodating as many as 40 is located near the Visitor Center. We ask that you pack out anything you bring in.

Quarry Gardens visitors


The Quarry Gardens are at 1643 Salem Road in Schuyler VA. Schuyler is about 31 miles south of Charlottesville, 50 miles north of Lynchburg, 50 miles east of Staunton, 99 miles west of Richmond, and is best reached via Route 29 south of Charlottesville. From Rt. 29 (about 22 miles south of Charlottesville):

  • Turn onto Rt. 6 E toward Scottsville and proceed about 6 miles
  • Turn right on Rt. 800 (Schuyler Road) toward Schuyler (signs will also point to Walton’s Mountain Museum); proceed about 2 miles to T in center of Schuyler
  • Turn left on Rt. 617 (Rockfish River Road), go short distance, passing two churches
  • Turn right near bottom of hill onto Rt. 693 (Salem Road) and immediately cross river at Walkers Mill Dam. Proceed about 1/2 mile through settlements
  • Turn right at gate (1643 Salem Road) to Quarry Gardens (marked by large rock). Enter through open sliding gate or use keypad to call for assistance
  • For regular parking or drop off, proceed to the parking lot on the left
  • For handicapped parking, pass the  parking lot entrance and make the second left onto the road to the Visitor Center
  • Park and follow the stone path at far end of the parking lot to the Visitor Center entrance